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Shades of LA

Today I worked hard at putting together an entry that talked about the lovely first anniversary I spent with Raquel this past weekend. I talked about the always amazing Terranea, where we spent the night, and about how this anniversary lands at the same time as my anniversary with LA. Four years living in the city of Angels; a year married to one. There were so many pretty words all strung together in pretty ways. All they needed were some pretty pictures to go with them. But I deleted them. I. Deleted. The photos.

The agony of discovery. The distraught that followed. Not to say that I deleted my Mona Lisa shot, but I deleted some really beautiful moments.

So fittingly, I am filling in with grey. Or rather, all those shades of grey that fall between black and white. They are lovely images of this lovely city taken on a (so damn) fittingly grey day last week.

I guess sometimes we must savor the grey and wait for the colors to return in their own time.

  1. Maggie

    Happy Anniversary! We love Terranea for lazy Sundays but have never stayed overnight. I bet it was wonderful. Much love to you and Raquel!

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