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Only in Alaska - Slowing
Only in Alaska

Have you ever had that moment while you’re traveling? That moment of looking around you and realizing that what you’re witnessing can only happen ‘here’. That what you’re seeing is uniquely ‘of this place’. As you can imagine, in a place like Alaska, I found myself having those moments quite often. It always stopped me in my tracks. Like a gear had missed in my brain and I had to stop and get my bearings and figure out what the hell I just saw. Luckily, I tended to have a camera with me at those moments and attempted to capture them to share with all of you. Here are my ‘Only in Alaska’ moments:

Only in Alaska - Watching
Only in Alaska will you find brightly colored tourists watching silvery salmon swim upstream as the watchful gaze of a mosaic salmon statue watches over a fallen salmon in the grass, likely tossed there by a seal.

Only in Alaska - Warning
Only in Alaska are the warning signs filled with comical innuendo to make sure the visitors don’t do anything they might later regret.

Only in Alaska - Waning
Only in Alaska can you see the evidence of glacial retreat so clearly and obviously for yourself. Here, the Byron glacier itself is just a blue shadow in the distance, having left this quite massive chunk of ice behind as it melts.

Only in Alaska - Capturing
Only in Alaska will you see a crowd of tourists come running to photograph a floating iceberg as it passes by your ship

Only in Alaska - Jaw-Dropping
Only in Alaska can you find yourself excitedly pulling over to capture a magical moment in the distance and find yourself completely and utterly alone on the highway.

Only in Alaska - Repurposing
Only in Alaska are there places so remote that throwing something away is not only nearly impossible, but it’s also quite silly. Why throw it away when you can turn it into something else?

Only in Alaska - Scaling
Only in Alaska is the volume of snowfall so high that glaciers measured in miles (length, girth, and height) are formed, reflecting their liquid origins as they ‘flow’ down mountains and form the largest ice fields on earth.

Only in Alaska - Slowing
Only in Alaska will you find your forward progress impeded by a slow-moving caribou, rather than a slow-moving Cadillac.

How about you? Have you been to Alaska? What was your ‘Only in’ moment there or in any other incredible place you’ve visited and thought ‘this could only happen here’?

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