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LA to RI – Part 4: Unmistakable Serendipity

– What Cheer
– – Montezuma
– – – Tama
– Oakland Acres
– – Sully
– – – Winterset
– Earlham
– – Wiota
– – – Atlantic
– Audobon
– – Brooklyn
– – – Exira
– Elk Horn
– – Kimballfon
– – – Walnut
– Avoca
– – Neola
– – – Persia

The towns pass by like mirages in a desert.
The names at first sounding so exotic.
Then the reality of just one more farm town sets in
And I smile

I try to make connections as I go
Stopping to stretch, walk, and hike
Talking to the locals
Talking to the trees

I visited friends from my baling days
and saw a city view from my younger days
I hiked an epic lake’s sandy edge
and watched a skyline shimmer in the distance
I scampered under barbed wire and crossed train tracks
to touch a river and watch it’s eddies swirl
I stopped in a cowboy town to try to discover the place
and instead a local adopted me and led me through it all, apace
I wanted to see inside a special camper
and got to see inside of a man’s thoughts and how much they were like mine


Taken by the Wind

I crossed over the Appalachians
I crossed the MidWest
I crossed over the Rockies
I drove into the mighty West

The whole way there was always someone on my mind
I needed to see my wife
It had been an awfully long time

So without much fanfare
I drove into my home state.
Across the high desert
And down into the city basin; so wide and great

The last hour was the worst
To be so near and yet so far
But walking through that door and seeing that smile
Made every single second worth it, by far

So now I’m home and life is moving on
Though so much has changed
I spend quite a bit of time reflecting
What it was like to discover all that range

I feel like I’m making a quilt of my life
Picking up pieces of fabric along the way
Sewing them together
As I discover just how they should lay

It’s sweet to be the creator of my own life
Making a future that I choose
No matter what the results may be
When you make your own decisions
There’s just no way you can lose.

The Prairie

Windy Day Light

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