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Today is D-Day. The last day at my corporate job. The last day in an office and the last day in a cube. The beginning of a two-year odyssey filled with personal reflection, building, photography and travel (not necessarily in that order). I’m kind of in shock that this is really happening. I’ve been dreaming and planning it for so long that the reality of it actually happening doesn’t feel as real as the act of planning it.

I’ve got my exit interview just before lunch, will be celebrating (read: drinking) by 3pm, celebrating yet again tomorrow night for the company holiday party and then heading to Maui on Monday morning. Yeah, I’d say I’m kicking things off in style. I’m ecstatic to be celebrating so much with my DM people right before I start this new life. They’re the ones who’ve made these past four years such a pleasure and it’s perfect to be able to say goodbye so thoroughly. If you’re reading this – Thank You! I don’t know if I would’ve been able to pull this off without all the support of my crew.

It’s gonna be a helluva ride!


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