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Knotted Steel
Baited Breath and Preparations

Less than three weeks remain before my inaugural road trip with Tejon (my Toyota Tundra) and his (nearly complete) camping setup in the truck bed. I’ve been spending most of my time lately getting things together for the trip. I searched for and found some small, used bedside tables and drawers on Craigslist that I’m building my ‘cabinetry’ out of. There’s a pic below of them in the bed of the truck, but they’re not secured down or totally finished yet. I scored a pretty awesome battery set up from Goal Zero that I can charge via the cigarette lighter while I’m driving and use to charge up my gadgets at night. A far easier (and cheaper) set up than trying to rig up my own secondary battery, inverter and the wiring needed to make it all work. Also splurged on a Thermarest Dreamtime camping mattress which just came in the mail yesterday. It fits back there like a glove and is seriously, shockingly comfortable. Ten times more comfortable than the blow up mattress I sleep on at my cabin! I’m already itching to try it out.

Camper Cabinets

Next up I’m building out a curtain set up that will allow me to cover up all the windows in the back and have some privacy, as well as true darkness to sleep by. I found instructions online and the finished product looks pretty decent. I still have to figure out something different for the back window and the front windows but I think I can jury rig something for those. The hardest decision about this whole setup is the roof rack. My truck just barely fits into the parking garage in my building as it is. If I get a rack I’m going to need to keep it off the truck most of the time and that means storing it somewhere. But without the rack I’ve got no way to transport my surfboard. This trip East will likely not offer much in terms of surf so I’m not heartbroken about that. I know I have to figure something out for my NorthWest trip, though. I’m driving up the entire Pacific coast and there’s just no way I’m *not* going to have my board with me then!

Apart from all that I wanted to share some random shots from the last few weeks. I went to the Getty to listen to a lecture by Hiroshi Sugimoto, a very well known photographer. While the lecture was a major let down, visiting the Getty never is and I caught some really nice moments there. I also went back to Palos Verdes for a hike. The last time I was there with my camera I ended up accidentally deleting the shots so this time I was extra careful until I was a 100% certain they were on my computer. Hope you enjoy the shots. I promise there’ll be a more fully baked blog entry to come!

Any seat you like, Sir

A Radiant and Reflective Smile

Holding the Naked Truth

The World of Treated Wood

A table with a view, Please

Soft Curves in Bloom

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